Becoming me.

Becoming me.

Welcome to the Ev and Roz blog. I promise this won’t be anything super spectacular, or insightful. I've never really been one to write blogs, or tell my story like this. But I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try. 

Today, I sit watching West Side Story (the new one), and wonder if I missed my calling in life... music has always hit me "in my feels", given me emotions beyond anything I've ever felt for anything other than my children. Hearing the beat, seeing the dances, feeling the rhythm in my chest... have you ever felt it? That beat? That rhythm? That feeling that you know it's where you belong?

I know that making stickers, bookmarks, notebooks/pads, and sticky notes isn't something someone like me is called to do. Not the rhythm I'm supposed to dance to. But I love it anyway. It's what I wake up in the morning for... besides my family, of course. I get excited knowing someone I have never met wants what I've created with my own hands. I get excited when I come up with something new, then see someone get excited about it like I am. And that's why I keep creating.

My rhythm.

My beat.

It's a low rumble, but it's still in tune.

Find your rhythm. Find your beat. And beat it to death. Play it to the end. Enjoy the tune. With the world we're living in these days, it's really hard to find something that truly makes you happy. So when you find it... don't be a ashamed that it brings you joy. Be you. Be happy.

Go listen to your music.

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